Hiring Manager Deal Breakers

So what really is a deal breaker when you or your students apply for a job? I know many of you will disagree, but the reality is astonishing. Here is a summation of an article from Caitlin Malden of Career Builder.Com.

The full text of the article can be found here: http://msn.careerbuilder.com/Article/MSN-2320-Job-Search-10-Hiring-…

1. Using social media speak during an interview.
2. Having an unprofessional online personal brand or posting personal content that is in poor taste.
3. Any written content that displays below par writing and grammar skills.
4. Complaining about prior companies in online forums
5. Bringing up salary in the initial interview.
6. Speaking about scheduling limitations or prospective reasons to leave a position.
7. Acting impolitely or speaking down to any person in the office.
8. Saying that dealing with people is your biggest challenge/weakness.
9. Consistently answering questions other than those asked.
10. Having immature cell pone ring backs.
11. Not knowing what job or company you are applying for.
12. Lying on a resume.
13. Arrogance.
14. Spelling mistakes on a resume.
15. Inappropriate attire.