Importing video from a camera to your iPad.

OK.  So you’ve got a new iPad.  You want to create a video using your iMovie app but you prefer to use your video camera not an iPad camera app. This article obtained from apple online support provides some useful information about the iPad camera connection kit.

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The iPad Camera Connection Kit includes two accessories for importing photos and videos:

  • Camera Connector: Features a USB port to directly connect your digital camera using its USB cable.
  • SD Card Reader: Features an SD card slot to directly connect an SD card.

In addition to supporting digital cameras and SD cards, you can also import photos and videos from your iPhone*, iPod touch, and iPod nano (5th generation) using the Camera Connector.

Importing photos and videos

Use the following steps to import media from your digital camera or SD card:

  1. Connect the iPad Camera Connector or SD Card Reader to the iPad Dock Connector.
  2. Depending on the connector you are using, connect your digital camera via USB or insert an SD card.
  3. Photos on iPad will open in the Camera pane, displaying your media and the option to Import All.
  4. Tap Import All to import your content, or tap specific items and tap Import.
  5. When the import is complete, either Keep or Delete the media on the camera or SD card.
    Note: When using certain digital cameras or SD cards, you may be unable to delete images from the device. In these situations, the Delete option will not appear.

Note: iPad should identify previously imported content with a green checkmark on the thumbnail. When using some cameras or SD cards, some items may not be correctly marked as previously imported. If this occurs, you can either specify which images to import, or delete the duplicate images after import.

If you don’t see the Camera pane, try the following:

  • Verify your digital camera is on and in the correct mode to export images.
  • Disconnect, wait 30 seconds, and then reconnect the iPad Camera Connector or SD Card Reader.
  • Unplug the digital camera or SD card, wait 30 seconds, and then reconnect.
  • Restart iPad and turn your camera off and then back on.

About file formats

iPad Camera Connection Kit imports most media files on the camera or SD card, regardless of whether that format is compatible with iPad. If you are unable to view certain images or videos, verify that they are in an iPad compatible format, or import them to your computer for viewing. In certain instances, attempting to play content that your iPad does not support may cause the Photos app to close.

Only device-created files are supported. If you copy files from another device or manually edit or rename files on the digital camera or SD card, the iPad may be unable to detect and import these images or videos.

Additional Information

For best results and performance

  • Connect the iPad Camera Connector or SD Card Reader directly to the iPad and digital camera.
  • iPad Camera Connector only supports digital cameras and some USB audio/MIDI devices. For more information, see this article.
  • If your device is not recognized, verify it is configured correctly. Refer to the user manual for your device for additional information.
    • iPad Camera Connector supports Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) and Mass Storage Device protocol.
    • iPad SD Card Reader supports SD standards up to SDHC, miniSD and microSD with adapters, and MMC. SDXC is not supported.
    • Certain devices may be recognized only when used with a powered USB hub.
  • If your camera supports both PTP and Mass Storage Device modes, it may be necessary to use both modes to import all media content. If some files do not import as expected using one mode, try switching to the other mode and importing again. Note: Some cameras may refer to PTP as Pictbridge or PTP/Pictbridge.
  • If you see an alert saying that the “Attached volume appears to be invalid”, check to ensure the SD card or digital media in the camera is correctly formatted.

In rare instances when using the Camera Connection Kit, you may notice that iPad does not charge after using the Camera Connection Kit. Disconnecting and reconnecting the iPad from the charger will resolve this issue.