iDVD Down and Dirty

There are dozens of tutorials available on creating DVD’s.  In this case quick is a good thing.  You don’t have to be a genius.  Just use the templates.  You can get creative later. Continue reading

Curriculum Links

Here are a few curriculum links.  Generally, these links lead you to more specific technical skills, tutorials and online resources. Continue reading

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Newsroom 101 Grammar

These free, self-instructional exercises address issues of grammar, usage and AP style that students may encounter in newswriting.  The Newsroom 101 site creators developed over 2,000 interactive lessons for journalists, professional writers, college students, high-school students and others who are learning or reviewing journalistic language. Continue reading

Chroma Key Colors

Applying quality Chroma Key effects begins with selecting the color and tone of your background.  Color is followed closely in importance by lighting the background and the subject separately.  Buying specially formulated paint is expensive when your local paint store can often supply a quality option.  Continue reading

Setting Scratch Disks in FCP

Whenever you encounter problems or have questions in Final Cut Pro it is always a good idea to search the help files first.  They generally are well written and provide much of the necessary help immediately.  Such is the case with setting the scratch disks either when FCP is first opened, if they are “misplaced”, or if you want to specify a destination such as an external firewire drive for your project content. Continue reading

Quicktime HD Conversion to WMV

Quicktime HD conversion to WMV 16×9 High Res.

Occasionally you may have the need to convert QuickTime movies to WMV.  Ordinarily that is somewhat problematic.  Flip4Mac StudioHD has a complete plugin for Final Cut Pro that will do that directly from your timeline.  You simply select Export Using QuickTime Conversion the select WMV and in the options section select the required WMV 16×9 formatting.

So what’s the catch?  It costs $179.00 and is a software download.  That’s it.  Good luck.