Newsroom 101 Grammar

These free, self-instructional exercises address issues of grammar, usage and AP style that students may encounter in newswriting.  The Newsroom 101 site creators developed over 2,000 interactive lessons for journalists, professional writers, college students, high-school students and others who are learning or reviewing journalistic language.

Assign students to practice these exercises, but there is no provision for a teacher to track student performance.

Please note: Many of the exercises apply to English in general, but some of them apply only to journalistic language as governed by The Associated Press Stylebook and may differ from standard English usage.

When an explanation refers to “the official dictionary,” that is Webster’s New World College Dictionary, the AP’s first reference for anything not covered in the Stylebook itself.

AP style changes from time to time. If you are already familiar with AP style, here are Some Recent Updates to the AP Stylebook that you may want to review.

There is some repetition. This is partly due to the way these exercises were developed, in pieces, over several years, in response to the writing problems of journalism students, interns and journalists. It is also due in part to the fact that certain grammatical issues keep recurring, and we want to make sure they are well covered

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Stardust Journalism Grammar Refresher 1

Stardust Journalism Grammar Refresher 2

Commas and Semi-colons


Quick Review

Passive and Active Voice

Quick Style Guide

Who vs Whom

Punctuation Review