Solution vs Suite: Adobe’s new Digital Publishing platform explained.

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Digital Publishing Suite

In early 2010, software giants Adobe worked with Wired magazine in New York and San Francisco and developed a brand new and highly innovative digital publishing system, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, for publishers to create and publish interactive versions of their magazines for the newly-launched iPad.

Adobe’s aim was to create a system where magazine teams could work with an updated version of InDesign – the leading layout design software – and manipulate their existing magazine layouts, to publish an interactive touchscreen version of the print magazine, all without requiring to know a line of code.

The two teams collaborated over several months to create a workflow concept, and a number of ‘plug-ins’ for InDesign, and these appeared as an update to the design tool, in the form of interactive panels. The designer could manipulate elements on the layout (eg: text boxes, colour panels, image frames, icons)…

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