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More Than 500,000 Historical Video Clips

This post comes from the ‘in case you missed it department.’ Last week the Associated Press announced the publication of more than one mi…

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The Importance of Personal Branding to Career Growth and Tips for Branding Success

Learn the importance of personal branding to career growth and tips for branding success

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Production, Production, Production

Journalist Writing Fiction

On Wednesday, the YouTuber Digibro released a video discussing content production, and the need to keep making new content.

Titled “Prolific over Perfect,” Digi makes the point that creators need to finish works and reflect on them to improve. The alternative to this is spending too much time on a single work, or never even finishing it.

“You are not going to make your first thing the best thing you make,” said Digi in the video. “It isn’t going to happen.”

Digibro’s rate of production averages at least one new video daily. He has been at blogging and vlogging for around ten years, according to another video.

In my job as a newspaper reporter, his production rate is similar to my own. In fact, my editor wants each reporter aiming for two bylined stories each day.

The newspaper photographer I work with sometimes will say, “It doesn’t have to…

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Sean Devereaux: Bringing Invisible Effects to Life

ZeroVFX is an Award company that specializes in creating “invisible effects” for major motion pictures. Tonight we talk to Sean Devereaux, Co-Founder and VFX Supervisor artist who explains EXACTLY what an invisible effect is and …

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Lewis McGregor: Creating Practical Visual Effects in Your Kitchen

Lewis McGregor, is a filmmaker and blogger based in Wales. But, in his spare time, he creates practical visual effects in his kitchen. Tonight he shares his secrets – which revolve around a magical fish …

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Tips for Live Shots

Stepping in front of the camera is often intimidating. It doesn’t need to be. It becomes easier if you practice these simple tips. Continue reading

Guidelines for Effective Videos

Creating good video isn’t about combining a bunch of random visuals and sound bytes. It is a well thought out cohesive process beginning with research and vision.

Although your plan may change slightly depending on what happens in the field, it is important you are able to “see” or “imagine” the product before you even turn on your gear. Continue reading

Virtual Reality – SteamVR featuring the HTC Vive

For more information visit and Full list of games featured in this video: The Lab theBlu Job Simulator Cloudlands: V

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Andy Rubin Unleashed Android on the World. Now Watch Him Do the Same With AI

Rubin’s ambitions go beyond building gadgets or companies. He wants Playground to be the factory that creates the building blocks for an AI-infused future.

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