Online Media JMC 305 and 460 help students successfully enter and navigate the world of multimedia development, techniques, tools, trends and techniques.  It all starts with a clear vision.

Who is your audience?  What do you have to say?  What is your brand?  When are you going to post?  Where are you going to post? Why are you using this medium?  How are you going to manage your presence? Answers to these questions define your strategy and approach.

I’ve posted materials helpful to courses and programs I teach or lead at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.  Also included are links to sites created by students in current classes.  As always they are works in progress.

Here are some quality examples.

DSLR Filmmaking          Recorded Experience        Jazz in AZ

Fit Meets Tech                The Real Vegetarian      Painting Phoenix

Phantom Phoenix         Muslim America          Pitchfork Press (SJI2012)

Sparky Spill(SJI2013)     Devil’s Dish (SJI 2014)    The Pitchfork Post (SJI2015)

Digital Ink (SJI2016)

LDImagery                    ASU Crime           Lillian Donahue

Scholastic Abuse          Pool Safety           Downtown Dishes

Braun                 Dusanek             Kuhbander            Newberry


Concealed on Campus     Vote DPC                  Roosevelt Roasters

ASU Club Sports               Forsaken Faces       Phoenix Art

Steeped in Tea                 EcoPark Resort           Phoenician Fall

Mobile Munchies             Travel Arizona        AZ Cannabis

Animal shelters               Greek Devils          EPS Phoenix

AZ Farm Mkts

Spring 2017 Individual Sites

Amaro                 Armstrong           Ashford          Askelson

Atencio             Ayral                       Baietto            Barajas

Brown                 Carbajal                Cyr

Czaja                  Dowd                     Drake               Elder

Esqueda              Froney                  Galvis              Hardenbergh

Hebert                 Holler                   Leonard

Magnuson         Malkin                   McDaniel          McKissick

Mo                       Molinar                 Nish                   OKeefe

Sherrill             Stanberry-Lehn      Starkey             Sutherland

Tarr                    Veltman                  Wolfe                 Yazzie

Spring 2017 Group Sites

Living with the Devil        Healthy Eating       Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Festivals               Food On Wheels     AZ Advetures

Amerinds of the Valley     AZ Festivals

Follow Me to Phoenix       Complete Athlete

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