Dealing with Problem Areas in HDR Photos

Photofocus (old site)

As you work with HDR processing, it’s not uncommon to have an area of the image that frustrates you.  Perhaps it’s an over-processed sky that’s just too dramatic.  Or maybe its an area of high motion.  Fortunately,  Photomatix Pro has an advanced option that makes it easy to replace a selection with the original source image.

You can learn more about Photomatix in our HDR Learning Center as well as in this class of mine.


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Mosaic A complete solution for photographers using Lightroom who want to manage and share their photos. You can easily view images with their iOS app or web service…

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Blogging from Your iPad

5 Apps for Blogging from Your iPad (via BloggingPro)

Blogging has always belonged to the land of desktops and laptops, but blogging from your iPad is getting easier all the time thanks to some smart, stylish apps. Here are the five best iPad apps we’ve found for blogging. 1. Posts Works with: WordPress…

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Using a Camera Slider for Great Looking Video Shots

Photofocus (old site)

I’m always on the lookout for ways to get better looking video shots.  Each week, I release a show called DSLR Video Tips on  The episode is free for one week (you don’t even have to be a member, that’s how nice they are). The show is co-hosted by friend and long-time collaborator Robbie Carman.

Here’s two recent video we did all about sliders.  A slider can help you put a camera into motion to capture interesting shots with fluid movement.  Check out Robbie and DP Kevin Bradley.

What is a slider?

Performing camera moves add visual interest to a scene, but how do you make them smooth? Using a slider. In this tutorial, explore what camera sliders are and how they work; take a look at different slider options, from small, portable units to large sliders; and learn about remote-controlled motorized sliders.

Using a slider

Find out…

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Web Elements that Slow Down your Blog

6 Overlooked Website Elements That Slow Down your Blog (via BloggingPro)

Load time and responsiveness are very important factors to consider when building a blog design to deliver content and services to the public. Think of your blog as delivering a service and if your site takes a long time to load its no better than going…

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