[Infographic] Finding the Balance Between Curation and Creation

Finding the sweet spot between content creation and curation also applies to the world of journalism. It appears in the rush for more and faster we often forget about the lateral aspects of web based journalism, data mining collective research and the need for careful vetting of sources.

Both curation and creation need to be infused with a healthy dose of collaboration and connectivity.

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Self-promotion is a delicate act. Social media is all about conversations and genuine relationships. Promoting your own brand could make you appear self-absorbed, yet if you don’t promote yourself, then who will? If you always only push your own brand, your followers may drop away like flies. If you only curate content and drive traffic to other people’s content, then where do you get your return on investment for resources spent on social?

Finding the balance between curation and creation is a difficult challenge, but in order to harness the business potential of social, figuring out this balance is a necessity.

Here are some statistics to consider

  • Posting links to 3rd party sites generates 33% more clicks than posts linked to owned sites
  • Posting links to owned websites generates a 54% higher click-to-conversion rate than posts that link to 3rd party websites
  • Curators who link to 3rd party sites 75% or more of the…

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