Things your portfolio should include

I recently came upon this post by Miranda Watling in the 10,000 words blog site.  Her advice may seem obvious but I am constantly amazed at how often I find “professional sites” that aren’t.  If you want people to know about you and see what you have done, you need to include the basics.  Continue reading

Recording a V/O in iMovie

Your movie just doesn’t seem complete without a voiceover. Fortunately, you don’t have to hire a professional to record a voiceover in Apple iMovie. You can narrate a movie and add your voice anywhere you want in your video. Continue reading

Importing video from a camera to your iPad.

OK.  So you’ve got a new iPad.  You want to create a video using your iMovie app but you prefer to use your video camera not an iPad camera app. This article obtained from apple online support provides some useful information about the iPad camera connection kit.

Post courtesy of   Original post. Continue reading