FCP to WordPress

OK.  You’ve created a video in Final Cut Pro.  You want to put it in your blog.  What now?

Once again find that calm place in your mind. It isn’t that tough.

Now what do I do?

In Final Cut Pro, click in your timeline.   (Make sure you don’t select a specific element.)

Go to File>Export>QuickTime movie.

Name your movie and export it to your desktop so you can find it easily.

When it finishes, double click on it to open it using QuickTime Player.  Play it to make sure everything is OK.

While you are still in QuickTime Player Select File>Save for Web.  Name the file and save to your Desktop.  Check the box Computer H.264, 5 Mbit/s maximum data rate.

Uncheck the other boxes.   Select Save.

When that is completed, find the folder created on your desktop.  Right click on the video file inside the folder that says computer m4v.  Right click and open it using QuickTime Player.  View it and make sure everything is working.

When you are satisfied, upload the file to either YouTube or Vimeo.

Open the video, copy the URL.

In your WordPress account simply paste the URL of the video into the Post Edit screen.  When previewed or published, WordPress will automatically embed the video.

For more help with WordPress check out this Ultimate Guide from Make Use Of.  Provided via Creative Commons “share alike” license.


Short News Package Planning

There are many different ways to organize your interview footage, b-roll, sound bites, graphics and voice overs to create a coherent news package.  Each journalist will develop a process and workflow that specifically works for him or her.  One structure that has been particularly helpful to my students is attached.

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Slideshows are much more than just a random collection of pictures.  In fact they are much more than a connected collection of pictures.

By definition they are a group of pictures viewed in a sequence.  They can however be used to convey messages, advertise products, illustrate ideas and demonstrate artistic content among other things.

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