Photography Guidebook for iPad, iPod and iPhone

Apple Distinguished Educators continue to create comprehensive support and training materials for educators. One of the most recent is the Photography Guidebook for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Continue reading

Premiere Pro Tutorials

There are a multitude of tutorials available for Premiere Pro on the web. One quick recommendation would the those created by the Knight Digital Media Center at UC Berkeley.

They are quick and easy to understand. Some of the most crucial ones are found below. While they are for Premiere CS6, they work for Premiere CC.

Creating a new project

Understanding your workspace

Copying camera filesImporting

Editing clips with In and Out points

PR How to use editing tools in the Source Monitor

PR How to trim clips in the Timeline panel

PR How to edit in the Program Monitor

PR How to trim clips in the Timeline panel

PR How to create TV news-style edits

PR How to apply and adjust video effects

Working with multiple tracks

Titles and text

Adding Titles (New and improved)

Video in Text Shape Effect

Cool Video Effects for Free

Embed Tweets and YouTube Videos with the Media Explorer

You can now embed Tweets and YouTube Videos with the Media Explorer curation tool.  Paul Gibbs explains the tool and process in this re-blogged post from News

It’s easier than ever to add another dimension to your posts with embedded videos or tweets: announcing the Media Explorer, a new media curation tool that lets you add trending content from Twitter and YouTube without ever leaving your post editor!

To access the Media Explorer, simply click “Add Media” while editing a post, as you would to insert a photo. You’ll see a couple of new options below the familiar image tools: Insert Media The Twitter Explorer lets you find tweets by keyword or hashtag, by tweets to or from a specific user, and by geographic location — search for tweets using any of those parameters right in the same window: Insert Tweet Want eyewitness stories on some breaking news? You can pull tweets from people on the ground into your blog ASAP — the geographic search is the next best thing to having someone there: Twitter Geolocation The YouTube Explorer changes the way…

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Working with Adobe Audition

Audition is just one of the powerful tools in Adobe’s new suite of production tools.  While learning new tools sometimes seems daunting, the transition to Audition from other audio editors is not terribly difficult. Continue reading