Acquiring Images for Photoshop — JPEG vs. Raw [UP9]

The alphabet soup of acronyms and codecs can often be as confusing as the work itself. As usual Richard Harrington does a great job of demonstrating and explaining the benefits and pitfalls of acquiring JPEG vs RAW images.

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Understanding Photoshop is a biweekly column that takes an in-depth look at how digital photographs are built and manipulated.  It is a college-level course in plain English for free at Photofocus.  To learn more see this article.

Don’t Skip Column 8

Shooting JPEG vs. Raw

Fig 03_04 MemoryWhen digital cameras became commercially available, the memory cards used to store pictures were very expensive. Many photographers couldn’t afford multiple or high-capacity cards, so they wanted more images to fit on a single, smaller card. Many users also emailed their pictures to friends and family. Small file sizes enabled consumers who lacked an understanding of digital imaging to attach photos to emails with minimum technical headaches. With these two scenarios in mind, manufacturers turned to an Internet-friendly format, JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). It was a proven technology and one that was familiar to many users.

What is a JPEG File?

The JPEG format…

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