Slideshows are much more than just a random collection of pictures.  In fact they are much more than a connected collection of pictures.

By definition they are a group of pictures viewed in a sequence.  They can however be used to convey messages, advertise products, illustrate ideas and demonstrate artistic content among other things.

They can be as simple as a WordPress slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They can have Musical backgrounds:

They can even be complete elaborate productions advertising a product or an event like this commercial for the Journalism Education Association National Convention produced by Brian Snyder of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

2 comments on “Slideshows

    • Technically true. In class we started with traditional advance on click sideshows. Then put them in a timeline adding V/O and music. We then added video footage, nat sound and sound bites. Finally we migrated to video only.

      I find it easier to teach video editing using this scaffolded progression and the same editor.

      I am a big fan of Brian Storm. He is a wonderful story teller who uses everything at his disposal that is appropriate to the story.

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