Cracking the Code

If you have a WordPress or any other blog site there will probably come a time when you will need to use some HTML code to make your site function more like a basic website.  You don’t have master code or even be particularly code savvy.  You will need to spend a little time deciding exactly what you want to do and be able to visualize the page.

As you are already aware you can copy and paste embed code from multiple sources to add elements to your Word Press site.  Below are some free code tutorials, elements and generators to explore.

Open your mind and get creative. It is helpful to sketch your layout to help you see where things go. This helps with your coding and sequencing.

Intro to HTML


HTML 101

JavaScript for Journalists

CSS Layout with HTML5

HTML and the Text editing window

Adding HTML code to WordPress


Dreamweaver Fundamentals

Code Academy

Free HTML codes

Writing codes in posts

WordPress encoder widget

HTML cheat sheet

HTML5 cheat sheet