Premiere Pro Tutorials

There are a multitude of tutorials available for Premiere Pro on the web. One quick recommendation would the those created by the Knight Digital Media Center at UC Berkeley.

They are quick and easy to understand. Some of the most crucial ones are found below. While they are for Premiere CS6, they work for Premiere CC.

Creating a new project

Understanding your workspace

Copying camera filesImporting

Editing clips with In and Out points

PR How to use editing tools in the Source Monitor

PR How to trim clips in the Timeline panel

PR How to edit in the Program Monitor

PR How to trim clips in the Timeline panel

PR How to create TV news-style edits

PR How to apply and adjust video effects

Working with multiple tracks

Titles and text

Adding Titles (New and improved)

Video in Text Shape Effect

Cool Video Effects for Free

Using Sony Handicams and Importing to FCP

Instructions courtesy of Stephen Elliott.  Cronkite News Service Director


Take a Deep Breath

Seriously – I want you to take a deep breath. Close your eyes and find a place of zen. Envision yourself turning on the camera, pointing it at something or someone you want to document, hitting the record button and capturing crisp video. Believe it or not, most video cameras today are this easy to use. This doesn’t make it easier to choose the right scenes and subjects, frame properly, etc., but it makes things a lot easier before you do. The camera you will use in this class also has a hard drive, making exporting video much easier than a camera recording on tape.

Camera Basics

Here is a rough representation of the business end of the Handycam, focusing on the few features you need to understand to make it work.

  1. This wheel turns the camcorder off and on.
  2. This button stops and starts recording.
  3. Here’s the viewscreen. Flip it out from the side of the camera.
  4. The battery goes here. It’s secured by a latch underneath.
  5. Direct view into lens. Just forget this exists. Use the viewscreen.
  6. These are various items on the viewscreen that it helps to know.
  7. Zoom lever. Continue reading