Andy Rubin Unleashed Android on the World. Now Watch Him Do the Same With AI

Rubin’s ambitions go beyond building gadgets or companies. He wants Playground to be the factory that creates the building blocks for an AI-infused future.

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The Future Of Progressive Business Is Companies That Are Good, Not Just Doing Good

Responsible businesses today tout the idea of something called shared value – where profits, customers, and the environment all benefit from a company’s success. But is that enough?

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Layer3 TV’s Crazy Plan to Take on Comcast and Reinvent Cable

The plan to take over the biggest screen in your house isn’t riffing on Netflix. It’s riffing on Comcast. And the guys behind it have raised nearly $100 million.

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Drone Lighting Brings Out the Desert’s Otherworldly Side

Reuben Wu illuminates monstrous formations in the desert at night with a drone. The results are alien and spectacular.

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A Map of the Brain Could Teach Machines to See Like You

A race to decipher the brain’s algorithms could revolutionize machine learning.

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11 digital platforms and tips to improve your advertising strategy

As social media and digital marketing evolve, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with platforms like Snapchat to communicate with current and potential clients on a mor

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What We Can Learn from GE’s Digital Marketing Strategies

General Electric’s strategic approach to its online marketing campaigns are admired by both seasoned and rookie marketers alike. And they a thing or two to teach today’s digital marketers.

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How to Maximize Your Content Exposure on LinkedIn : Social Media Examiner

Are you taking advantage of all LinkedIn’s content marketing features? Discover how to maximize your LinkedIn content exposure.

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VR into the newsroom

LAVREB Laboratory of Virtual Reality and Economic Behavior

Learning by making: Experiments in virtual reality from Hackastory

What lessons can journalists learn from the use of virtual reality in gaming and filmmaking? The fourth edition of a storytelling hackathon called Hackastory brought together 20 coders, designers, journalists and writers in Breda, the Netherlands, at the end of October. They used nine Google Cardboard devices, six Oculus Rifts, and their imagination to tackle the issue. ….[READ]

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It’s only an iPhone!

I recently received an email from Emil Pakarlis that reminded me of attitudes, questions and bias I see on a daily basis about capturing content with a mobile device.

While there is no question that there are more things you can do with “pro line” cameras, it doesn’t mean the “device you have with you” isn’t worthy of consideration. This preconceived notion tends to color our judgement.

The Problem is Attitude!

Consider Emil’s thoughts on the subject.


The best camera is “the one you have with you.”

The one thing that holds back 98% of people taking photos with the iPhone has nothing to do with talent, experience or megapixels. And it’s affects new photographers as well as seasoned  professionals coming from traditional photography.

When most people pick up a DSLR or dedicated video camera, they generally treat it seriously. They spend a few seconds composing the shot. They walk around to find the best angle. They make sure that their subject is well exposed and in focus. That may take a few seconds, but it’s time well spent.

Most iPhone users however casually capture the first thing they see without even thinking about composition, angle and exposure, because they think the iPhone is only good for taking quick snapshots.

And guess what? They never get anything other than quick snapshots out of their iPhone’s camera.

Fortunately, there’s another group of iPhone owners, albeit a smaller one, who recognize that the iPhone is a powerful camera so they give each shot the attention it deserves.

The iPhone is their preferred camera and it’s often the only camera they use. They think about subject, composition, focus and exposure before they press the shutter.

These people constantly capture amazing images with the iPhone.

Of course, attitude is not the only thing that makes a difference in iPhoneography but without the right attitude, you’ll never move past the snapshot mentality.

Creating Video Packages With Your iPhone